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<br /> The Clerk: <br /> <br />ENGINEERING SERVICES <br />21. Motion to approve funding to RW Allen, LLCin the amount of $1,394,174.00 for Phase <br /> <br />I of the Design/Build Renovation of Former Augusta Library for Augusta, Georgia-Utilities <br />Department, RFP #15-131. (Approved by Engineering Services Committee May 26, 2015) <br /> <br />rd <br /> Mr. Mayor: The Chair recognizes the distinguished Commissioner from the 3 Mary <br />Davis. <br /> <br /> Ms. Davis: Thank you, Mr. Mayor. I just had a couple of quick questions and I know <br />we’ve had a lot of information sent to us recently on this but to be honest I didn’t have enough <br />time just to look through every detail. So I don’t know, Tom, if this question is for you or for <br />Ms. Sams from Procurement but I know we went by on the RFP according to these points we’re <br />seeing for the award of the contract. So all right what I’ve thought RW Allen he asked for a <br />Lump Sum Cost Proposal. Is that correct when you sent that out? <br /> <br /> Mr. Wiedmeier: Yes, that’s correct. <br /> <br /> Ms. Davis: So I was just today I know we’re approving the $1.39 million but that’s the <br />partial fee? <br /> <br /> Mr. Wiedmeier: Right, that would be a part of the overall price that was offered. It’s, we <br />just did that so we could get to work with the demolition while the design is being finished. <br /> <br /> Ms. Davis: So was it awarded though based on the lump sum cost? <br /> <br /> Mr. Wiedmeier: No, this was a Request for Proposal so there were, costs was one of the <br />scoring factors but there were other criteria that factored into the ranking of the proposals. Cost <br />was just one element. <br /> <br /> Ms. Davis: Okay, but we do have a full cost. <br /> <br /> Mr. Wiedmeier: Yes. <br /> <br /> Ms. Davis: And it will it exceed I mean can it exceed that what we’re approving today <br />just even though we’re just doing part of it? <br /> <br /> Mr. Wiedmeier: Not unless, well, not unless during the demolition something is revealed <br />that wasn’t anticipated which is another reason why we wanted to proceed with the demolition. <br />And then there was, there’s one other cost that’s included in this Phase I that was not in the <br />original cost and that was asbestos abatement in the house that’s adjacent to the structure. We <br />had a demo cost for that house but didn’t have the asbestos surveyed back yet so the cost for <br />abating the asbestos is in this cost. <br /> <br />10 <br /> <br /> <br />